San Pablo Community Schools Initiative (SPCSI)

On November 21, 2011, the City of San Pablo City Council passed a resolution to develop a San Pablo Full Service Community Schools (FSCS) Initiative with the goal of eventually transforming all schools in the City into Full Service Community Schools. In a full service community school (community school) the school district, city, county, community-based organizations, businesses, families and philanthropists form a strong and transparent partnership to jointly address the identified needs of students, families and the community in a comprehensive, integrated and accountable way. They share leadership, work towards a common vision and agenda, and share responsibility for results.

The City of San Pablo’s Youth Services Division is aligned philosophically and programmatically with the San Pablo Community Schools Initiative. The 2015-2019 Strategic Work Plan identifies how funding will be redirected to financially support the personnel, programs, and services needed to build San Pablo’s schools into comprehensive community schools. San Pablo Team for Youth (SPTFY) is the funding mechanism for developing and deploying youth services that support the mission of San Pablo's Community Schools Initiative.

 Principal Community School Coordinator Lead Agency 
Bayview Elementary 3001 - 16th St.    
San Pablo, CA 94806
(510)231-1401 Armando Torres Lakisha Hill,
YMCA if the East Bay
Dover Elementary 1870 19th St.
San Pablo, CA 94806
(510) 231-1420 Ruby Gonzalez Edgar Medina,
Bay Area Community Resources (BACR)
Downer Elementary 1231 - 18th St.
San Pablo, CA 94806
(510) 233-8961 Marco Gonzales Natasha Hancock
Bay Area Community Resources (BACR)
Helms Middle  2500 Road 20
San Pablo, CA 94806 
(510) 231-1423
Jessica Petrilli Megan White,
Bay Area Community Resources (BACR) 
Lake Elementary  2700 - 11th St.
San Pablo, CA 94806
(510) 231-1451 Wendy Gonzalez  Diana Baires,
YMCA of the East Bay
Riverside Elementary 1300 Amador St.
San Pablo, CA 94806 
(510) 231-1409 Christine Hatcher Lena Nicodemus,
Bay Area Community Resources (BACR)

West Contra Costa Unified School District's Full Service Community Schools Initiative.


2015-2019 Strategic Work Plan 

FSCS Plan Cover.PNG

Table of Contents


Community Characteristics

Needs Assessment

Vision, Mission, & Strategic Areas



Full Plan

Local Resources
For community and youth program information
San Pablo Youth, School and Community Partnerships
(510) 215-3087
To report gang-related crimes
San Pablo Police Department, Gang Unit
(510) 215-3275
For youth leadership opportunities
San Pablo Youth Commission
(510) 215-3086
To report other crimes, related information/activity
San Pablo Police Dept., Investigations Unit
(510) 215-3150
For City recreational programs and services
San Pablo Recreation
(510) 215-3080
For school-based programs and The Parent Project
San Pablo Police Dept., Policy Oriented Policing (P.O.P.)
(510) 215-3273