Commercial Resources

Free Lighting Audits for Businesses
The City of San Pablo has partnered with Smart Lights to provide free lighting audits to small- and medium-sized businesses in San Pablo. Rebates are available for retrofits. Call Smart Lights at
(510) 981-7750 or visit their website and complete the enrollment form to get started.

PG&E Energy Analyses

PG&E provides free energy analyses or integrated audits for businesses. Use the online analyzer.

Green Business Certification

Becoming a Green Business is a no-brainer -- a win-win situation that saves you money and protects the environment. Customers appreciate green businesses who are operating consciously to protect our natural and environmental resources. Once you become a green business, you can market your business as such while also qualifying for energy and waste rebates. For more information on how to become a Green Business clink on the links below.

Association of Bay Area Government Green Business Program

State of California Green Business Program