MOU's & Terms of Employment

Successful Labor Partnerships:
City labor partnerships eliminated 73% of forecasted budget deficit, providing at least $1.5M in cost savings over the next three year period for the City’s General Fund Operating Budget. Attached summary

The City has negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding with three recognized bargaining units:

The Association of Intermediate Employees
Public Employees’ Union, Local One
The San Pablo Police Employees’ Association

Each bargaining unit has its own Memorandum of Understanding that specifies information about hours of work, fringe benefits, terms of employment, and various other policies not outlined in this handbook.

Fringe benefits and other employment information for the following employee groups are listed in their Terms and Conditions of Employment or Schedule of Benefits:
Confidential Classifications
Division Managers
Executive Management

Fringe benefits and other employment information for the City Manager and City Attorney are listed in their contracts or Schedule of Benefits: