Graffiti Abatement

Led by a Patrol Sergeant, our Graffiti Abatement Team aggressively investigates incidents of graffiti by obtaining search and arrest warrants and by deploying plainclothes officers to catch offenders in the act. If you see someone in the act of defacing property with graffiti, or any other type of vandalism, notify Police dispatch at (510) 724-1111.

Graffiti may be gang related, the work of a tagging crew or an individual tagger. Gang tags are generally for publicity of the gang, marking territory as theirs, a membership listing, threatening or sympathetic.  
Tags of this nature are monitored by our graffiti team for intelligence purposes to assist in identifying active gang members and in gaining leads to investigate and prosecute gang crime. Most non-gang tagging is created where the tagger lives, works or frequents.

The Graffiti Abatement Team strives at all times to achieve the highest professional standards and to effectively coordinate the abatement of graffiti on all public and private property along main thoroughfares. The City of San Pablo operates a graffiti removal vehicle dedicated to these efforts that is run through the corporation yard.

To contact the corporation yard for graffiti cleanup information or assistance, call (510) 215-3077 or the County’s Graffiti Hotline at (925) 313-7052. You can also report graffiti online by using our Make a Service Request for City Services link.