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Due to the Local Emergency Declaration by the City Council, and Shelter-in-Place Order issued March 16, 2020 by Contra Costa Health Services, ALL City of San Pablo facilities are hereby CLOSED to the public, effectively immediately. For more information about contacting City Staff members with questions or development applications, please go to the appropriate subject/division page.

Debido a la Declaración de emergencia local del Ayuntamiento y Refugio emitida  el 16 de marzo de 2020 por Contra Costa Health Services, TODAS las instalaciones de la Ciudad quedan CERRADAS al público,  de manera efectiva de inmediato. Para obtener más información sobre cómo contactar a los miembros del personal de la ciudad con preguntas o solicitudes de proyectos de desarrollo, diríjase a la página correspondiente de cada departamento/división.

​CCC Executive Summary New Shelter Order Issued April 29, 2020

Informative COVID-19 FAQ page Contra Costa County Health Department

The City of San Pablo is a winner of the National Civic League's 2014 All-America City Award!

Welcome to Community & Economic Development!
Our Division includes Building, Planning, Business Licenses, and Residential Health & Safety.

Our primary mission is to:
  • Assist property owners, architects, engineers, and builders through the development process to meet an end goal such as building occupancy.
  • Assist current or potential business owners with business licensing questions and procedures.
  • Set the vision for the long-term layout and look and feel of the community through the General Plan, Specific Plans, and Zoning Codes.
  • Complete special projects as decided by the City Council in their annual Work Plan.
In order to fulfill our mission, we utilize the following key documents:

General Plan

The General Plan establishes the long-term vision for the City of San Pablo through 2030. The General Plan includes policies and programs on important topic areas such as economic development, land use and physical design, parks, schools, community facilities, open space, and the national award-winning health element.

Specific Plans and Zoning Code

add specificity needed for the details on-the-ground or for the design of pre-construction and construction drawings. We have two Specific Plans: the San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan, and the 23rd Avenue Specific Plan. Please refer to these important documents to guide your decision-making for changes to land use, design and construction of new buildings, or changes to existing buildings. Our zoning code includes both the zoning map and the zoning code. If you are interested in occupying an existing building, or want to build a new building, you must comply with the land use and standards in these documents.

Building and Construction Projects are compared to the California Code of Regulations Title 24 adopted codes for building construction.  Our staff is available to answer questions, provide over-the-counter permits for re-roofs, not including structural changes, windows, water heater, electrical service upgrade, heater change outs, siding and stucco. Our staff is assisted by 4LEAF Inc. for plan checks and building inspections. We are currently reviewing our building permit processes, timelines, and customer service counter effectiveness. Our goal is to streamline and improve our permits processing, and provide customers more information readily at their fingertips. We also conduct the Residential Health & Safety Inspection Program, which requires inspection of all condominiums, townhouses, single and multi-family homes that are for sale or for rent, to ensure they are safe and consistent with building, electrical, fire, and plumbing code standards.  

Disability access and compliance with construction-related accessibility requirements are mandated by both federal and state disability laws. You may obtain information about your obligation and how to comply with disability access laws by reviewing the attached Guide and other related documentation.

Business License if you're thinking of starting a business in San Pablo, or if you already own a business in our community, it's good to be aware of the resources available to you as well as the regulations of local, county, state, and federal government agencies. Please call (510) 215-3030 for questions regarding whether the zoning allows your business type and to schedule a building inspection or other business license procedures. After you have completed the procedure, visit the San Pablo Economic Development Corporation to help get your business off the ground!

City of San Pablo City Council Priority Workplan FY 2018-2021:  The Community & Economic Development Services Department’s priority projects include the evaluation of adopting a micro-housing or tiny house ordinance, new Residential Design Guidelines, General Plan and specific plan updates with map updates, zoning ordinance updates, fee updates, and Public Art Ordinance implementation.

We appreciate hearing from you and are always available to answer questions or provide information. Please contact us at (510) 215-3030.

Master Fee Schedule Updated 7/1/2016
**New Fees Effective January 1, 2021**