23rd Street Specific Plan

The 23rd Street Specific Plan (4.22MB) provides a long-term strategy to revitalize and increase the development potential for a major commercial corridor in the City of San Pablo. The 23rd Street corridor has the potential to become a vibrant community hub for residents, with improved access to parks and public open space, a safe environment for walking and biking and an active street life with cultural amenities. The strategy utilizes several of the City’s available tools to facilitate the development of a well-organized, clearly identifiable and economi­cally viable mixed-use corridor. The Specific Plan will help to prevent disjointed development, which often occurs in the absence of a comprehensive planning effort. This Plan builds upon and refines other City efforts to develop the 23rd Street corridor.

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Existing Conditions
Chapter 3 - Vision and Urban Design Concept
Chapter 4 - Goals and Policies
Chapter 5 - Land Use
Chapter 6 - Development Standards
Chapter 7 - Design Standards & Guidelines
Chapter 8 - Implementation