Affordable Housing Strategy

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What is the San Pablo Affordable Housing Strategy?

The Affordable Housing Strategy will develop policies and strategies for the City of San Pablo to improve housing options and affordability.

We would like to hear from you! Please fill out the survey below to make sure the strategy addresses your concerns, opportunities, and priorities. Take The Survey Here!

The Affordable Housing Strategy will identify opportunities and constraints for increased market-rate and affordable housing development and preservation. It will include an implementation plan to meet the following City goals:

  • Conserve and improve existing housing
  • Increase production in compliance with state law
  • Support low income homeowners and buyers
  • Address special needs populations
  • Increase funding opportunities and leverage the City’s existing Low Income Housing Fund

ScheduleCity of San Pablo

  • April – June 2020: Online Community Survey Take The Survey Here!
  • April – July 2020: Research and Analysis
  • Summer 2020: Additional Community Outreach (format to be determined)
  • September 2020: Draft Strategy and Implementation Plan
  • Late Fall 2020: City Council Meeting to Adopt Final Strategy and Implementation Plan

Other Ways to Participate

Attend City Council Meetings and Economic Development, Housing & Project Management Standing Committee Meetings. Several public meetings will be held with decision makers, including the Standing Committee Meetings and City Council meetings. The purpose of these meetings will be to share analytical findings and community feedback, refine the strategies and implementation actions, and receive input on the public draft plan.

Participate in Additional Community Outreach. The City of San Pablo is planning additional community outreach for the summer of 2020 to hear directly from the community. Due to the current Shelter-in-Place order, the details and format of the outreach have not yet been determined.

Resources and Links

Contra Costa County’s Affordable Housing Page