Travel Training Program

The City of San Pablo offers Travel Training to older adults 50+ and people with disabilities. 

What is Travel Training? Travel training teaches you how to safely ride public transportation, how to purchase bus and/or BART tickets, how to fill your Clipper card and more. Learning travel skills can not only help you with errands and daily tasks, but can also help you become better connected with your community and give you that sense of independence!

If you are a pro at riding public transportation, being a travel coach will give you an impactful purpose, a sense of reward by helping someone else, and free public transportation tickets, clipper card and/or bus pass!

To inquire about the program, future travel training events or become a travel trainer, please call (510) 215-3095 or by email.

Please note: All in person Travel Training Workshops have been temporarily cancelled, please see below for information on Virtual Travel Training Workshops.

Travel Training Participants infront of Ferry

Virtual Travel Training Workshops

Do you rely on public transportation to get around? The Center for Independent Living (TheCIL) is offering free workshops and 1-on-1 consultations for your travel safety and trip planning needs. To sign-up for workshops, please RSVP through their portal. For 1-on-1 consultations or other services, please fill out the form here or email us directly. All resources are offered in English, Spanish and Mandarin."