Code Enforcement

The City of San Pablo Police Department is dedicated to improving the quality of life for everyone living in the community. Our Code Enforcement Unit was created by the San Pablo City Council in 2002 to respond to neighborhood complaints of unhealthy or unsafe living conditions. The Unit works with absentee landlords and homeowners to reduce hazardous conditions. Some of the types of cases the Unit handles are the removal of abandoned cars, boarding up vacant/abandoned buildings, improving dilapidated housing, reducing fire hazards, environmental crimes and street sweeping enforcement. 

Code Enforcement is supervised by a Police Sergeant, under the direction of the Investigations Lieutenant. The Unit includes a police officer, a state licensed building inspector and two police services technicians. The Code Enforcement team works with other departments within city government such as the Public Works Department and City Attorney’s Office. You may speak with a member of the unit by calling (510) 215-3190.

Visit our Code Enforcement Presentation to see an example of the type of work that goes on to clean up and improve our city neighborhoods. Feel free to view Code Enforcement's vision statement. 

Code Enforcement 2