Local Road Safety Plan

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Project OverviewGraphic showing the Local Road Safety Plan process (Source: Federal Highway Administration)

A Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP) provides a framework for organizing stakeholders to identify, analyze, and prioritize roadway safety improvements on local roads.  The LRSP will analyze data from a range of sources in order to identify bicycle, pedestrian and vehicle incidents and collisions, as well as to identify other resident traffic concerns.  Starting mid-2022, the LRSP is required for the City to be eligible to apply for Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funds for safety improvement projects.

Image (right): Graphic showing the Local Road Safety Plan development process.

Key Project Elements

The project will include the following key elements:

  • An analysis of bicycle and pedestrian collision data to identify crash trends, causes of fatalities and severe injuries.
  • An analysis of how different roadway and bicycle facility types affect cyclist and pedestrian safety. 
  • Stakeholder collaboration to improve roadway safety.

 Tentative Project Schedule

  • Plan Development: Spring 2022 – Fall 2023

 Project Team

  • Project Manager: Mel Mackson, Assistant Planner, City of San Pablo

Project Contact

If you have any questions regarding the Project, please contact Mel Mackson, at (510) 215-3052 or by mail.

Project Funding

The total estimated cost of this Plan is $48,000.

The project has been made possible through the following funding sources:

  • City Funds: $8,000
  • California Department of Transportation (Caltrans):
    • Senate Bill 1 (SB1): $40,000
    • On April 28, 2017, then Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 1 (SB1), known as the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017. SB1 was enacted to address basic road maintenance, rehabilitation, and critical safety needs oCaltrans Logon both the state highway and local streets and road system.
    • Caltrans’ mission is to provide a safe, sustainable, integrated and efficient transportation system to enhance California’s economy and livability.

For more information, visit Caltrans and  SB1 websites.