Implementation Plans

The Third Five Year Implementation Plan

Section 33490 of the Health and Safety Code (“Law”) requires that Redevelopment Agencies prepare and adopt a Five Year Implementation Plan (“Plan”) for each project area. The Plan serves as a blueprint for future Agency activities to eliminate blight and implement low and moderate income housing obligations within the Project Area.

The Plan is divided into two separate components; a Redevelopment Component and a Housing Component:

The Five Year Implementation Plan (“Plan”) covers years 2010 through 2014 for the Legacy and Tenth Township Redevelopment Project Areas (“Project Areas”) and includes the following:

  • Specific Agency’s goals and objectives for the Project Areas.
  • Specific programs, potential projects, and estimated expenditures proposed by the Agency over the five-year planning period.
  • An explanation of how Agency goals, objectives, programs, and expenditures will eliminate blight within the Project Areas and improve and increase the supply of housing affordable to very low, low, and moderate income households.

View the 2010-2014 Implementation Plan.
Adopted on Tuesday, October 5, 2010. Resolution R2010-026.