What does the project involve?

The project involves a targeted update to several "elements" (chapters) of the General Plan: Land Use, Housing, Safety, and Public Health. Updates are needed to respond to changing conditions in the community and new State laws. An important objective of the project is to stimulate new housing and jobs in the city to provide a greater variety of choices for people of all ages, abilities, and income levels. The project also involves a new Corridor Plan for Rumrill Boulevard that will be incorporated into the General Plan to describe the community’s vision for the future of the area and guide change over time. 

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1. What does the project involve?
2. What is a General Plan and who uses it?
3. When was the last General Plan updated and what is different about this one?
4. What is the difference between the General Plan and the Zoning Ordinance?
5. What is a Housing Element?
6. What is RHNA?
7. What will be in the Rumrill Boulevard Corridor Plan?
8. What is the timeline for the project?
9. How can I get involved?