Public Works Permits

A Public Works permit is an important part of protecting the public while work is being done in the public right of way.  It assures that proper and adequate notice is given to the general public that an obstruction is ahead.  It also assures that any work being performed is inspected and meets the minimum City standards.  A permit also prompts coordination amongst public agencies to protect public facilities, such as stormdrains, water, sewer from damage, and to avoid conflicting work in the public right of way. 

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Types of Permits:

Encroachment Permits
Any work performed in the public right of way requires an encroachment permit. Read more...

Transportation Permits
Authorizes the permit holder to transport oversized and/or overweight vehicles, at one time, from one point to another, within City limits. Read more...

Other Permits:

Grading Permits

C.3 Permits

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