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The Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge is an online sustainable action platform that makes it easy and fun to take sustainable actions by giving you helpful tips and free or low-cost resources for those actions. The Challenge tracks your savings (both in dollars and emissions) and provides you with opportunities to engage with your neighbors and learn more about our community. 

Join your neighbors in a bit of friendly competition to lower our emissions, while all playing for the same team (Team Planet Earth)! When we reduce our impact by conserving resources, cutting energy costs, decreasing our use of dirty fuels, and investing in local opportunities, everybody benefits! 

The Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge was created through a partnership between Contra Costa County, the Cities of San Pablo, Antioch and Walnut Creek, and Sustainable Contra Costa. The Challenge is made possible with funding through the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) Climate Protection Grant Program.

If you have any questions regarding the Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge, please contact Itzel Gomez, at (510) 215-3064 or