Transportation Program

Enrolling in the Program

Riders must fill out and submit an application before using the San Pablo Senior & Disabled Transportation Services. Riders must renew within the fiscal year (July–June).

The recipients of this program must be over 50 or have a disability and reside in the 94806 zip code. You must submit a doctor's certificate proving your handicap if you are under 50 but at least 18 years old.

Applications are accessible online at, by mail, by email, and at the San Pablo Senior Center (1943 Church Lane, San Pablo, CA).

One must be a resident of the City of San Pablo in order to be eligible for the service. Residents are people who live inside the boundaries of San Pablo City. Non-Residents are people who live beyond the city limits of San Pablo. (See illustration below. Any address inside the white lines is regarded as a resident, and any address outside the white lines as a non-residence. To be qualified to enroll in the program, the applicant must fall inside the white or yellow line.)

service map