Specific Plans

Purpose of a Specific Plan

The main purpose of a specific plan is to provide clear guidance for future development of a designated area. The land use regulations in specific plans are designed to encourage neighborhood-serving development by making it more financially feasible, and to ensure that new buildings, streetscape improvements and added amenities contribute positively to the street’s pedestrian experience. Many specific plans provides a framework in which jobs, economic development and housing opportunities could improve. A specific plan often includes design standards and guidelines that will help ensure that new development be of a high quality. By creating more certainty for property owners and developers, new regulations can help increase property values and development potential on specific plan target areas, while creating benefits for the community as a whole.

Specific plans may also identify public improvements that will further enhance the appearance and character of an area. By making these improvements, a municipality can reinvent or reinforce a street’s appearance and identity.

San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan

23rd Street Specific Plan

​Old City Hall

Resolution 2018-025 Approving Amendments to General Plan and San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan for Old City Hall Site from Public/Institutional to Mixed Use Center City Hall Site (New Designation)

Mitigated Negative Declaration adopted with Resolution 2018-025 

Historic Resource Assessment Report

Mixed Use Center South (Plaza San Pablo/Circle S)

Resolution 2011-015 Adoption of Regulating Plan for Plaza San Pablo/Circle S

Mixed Use Center South Regulating Code (Plaza San Pablo)

Mitigated Negative Declaration (Plaza San Pablo) 

Doctors Medical Center - General Plan and Specific Plan Amendments

Resolution 2016-001 Adopted 1/12/16 Amending General Plan and Specific Plan for 2000 Vale Road