Ohlone Indian Era

Ohlone Indian Era Ohlone Indians
For thousands of years, Ohlone Indians (also called Costanoan) lived in a village called "Huchiun" along the bay. The center of this village was between the two creeks now named Wildcat and San Pablo. Food was plentiful with two creeks providing fresh water, nourishing plants, and attracting animals. In addition, the bay was a source of fish and shellfish. They were part of a great trade network, and traded seashells for obsidian with tribes in Napa and Lake Counties. The people built homes and boats out of reeds called Tule.

Louis Choris, artist with a Russian expedition, sketched our only portrait of a San Pablo area Ohlone when he drew Bay Area Native Americans and Mission Dolores in San Francisco in 1816.

There are still descendants of the Ohlone living in this area, and every year they hold a gathering of Ohlonean peoples at Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont.