Training Unit

Maintaining public trust and confidence is critical to the successful operation of any police agency. Professionally trained officers making the right decisions under pressure build public trust thereby enhancing the community/police partnership.

To ensure a prompt and professional response to a wide range of emergencies, San Pablo Officers receive bi-monthly, reality-based training in one or more of the following areas: NIMS/SEMS disaster training, Tactical Firearms, Communication, Weaponless Defense, Less than Lethal Weapons, Crowd Management and CPR. SPPD Training Unit is comprised of dedicated officers capable of providing up to date training on a wide range of topics. All instructors were required to pass a rigorous examination process, and once selected, receive specialized training and certification in one of the above areas. The Perishable Skills Program is geared towards emergency response at the patrol officer level and many officers report the training has improved their ability to make the right decisions during critical incidents.

Training Site