Master Fee Schedule

On May 3, 2021, the San Pablo City Council approved increasing the Building, Planning and Public Works user fees (Resolution 2021-055).  The user fees will be effective July 2, 2021. The Council also approved increasing the Subregional Transportation Mitigation Program(STMP) fee to adjust for the cost of inflation at the same Public Hearing (Resolution 2021-056)The STMP fees will be effective July 1, 2021. The new fee schedules can be viewed at New Master Fee Schedule. Call (510) 215-3030 (Community Development), or (510) 215-3060 (Public Works) with questions.

El 3 de mayo de 2021, el Consejo de la Ciudad de San Pablo aprobó el aumento de las tarifas de los usuarios de Construcción, Planificación y Obras Públicas (Resolución 2021-55)Las tarifas de usuario serán efectivas el 2 de julio de 2021. El Consejo también aprobó el aumento de la cuota del Programa de Mitigación de Transporte Subregional (STMP) para ajustar el costo de la inflación en la misma audiencia pública (Resolución 2021-056)Las tarifas del STMP entrarán en vigor el 1 de julio de 2021. Las nuevas tarifas se pueden ver en New Master Fee Schedule. Llame al (510) 215-3030 (Desarrollo de la Comunidad), o (510) 215-3060 (Obras Públicas) con preguntas.

The Master Fee Schedule summarizes all fees the City charges for various services and permits, such as building and plan review fees, use permits and street excavation fees. This schedule ensures transparency and consistency in the fees charged. The Master Fee Schedule is reviewed and approved by the City Council on a regular basis.

Fees are developed based on the cost to the City to provide the service or on the impact the activity has on the City or its property. Thus, the City sets the fees based on cost-recovery and not on making a profit, and rates are set at a figure below full-cost recovery.