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Chevron Richmond is offering scholarships to local high school seniors!
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Statistics, Facts and Figures

  • Persons under the age of 25 represent 40.4 percent of San Pablo's population; persons 65 and older represent 10.6 percent.
  • Considering the median population age of 29.8 years, San Pablo represents an above-average level of education.
  • 67 percent of the population has achieved a high school level of education or better, and 39.7 percent college educated.

School Enrollment - Public vs. Private

  • Of persons under the age of 25 enrolled in school at the pre-primary school level, 4.7 percent are enrolled in public schools and 1.8 percent in private.
  • At elementary and high school levels, 66.4 percent are enrolled in public schools and 3.8 percent in private. At the college level, 18.8 percent are enrolled in public schools, and 3.2 percent in private schools. The West Contra Costa Unified School District serves San Pablo with five elementary schools and one middle school and is committed to improvement in local education. Salesian High School and St. Paul's Elementary School offer residents a choice to meet their educational needs.

Contra Costa College

is located on a seventy-seven (77) acre campus within easy commute distance from anywhere in West Contra Costa County, and offers more than 800 courses each semester. In addition to serving as a transfer college to the state college and university system, Contra Costa College offers Certificates of Achievement and Associate Arts degrees in a variety of subjects.

Accredited Online Colleges
is an education focus resource, that includes a comprehensive database that allows anyone to search for accredited online colleges throughout the nation, specifically online degree programs or online colleges in California.