Housing Element

City of San Pablo 2015-2023 Housing Element

Adopted on April 6, 2015

State Certification on May 26, 2015

City of San Pablo Adopted Housing Element

What is the Housing Element:

The State of California requires that every city provide its regional fair share of land available for residential development. By State law, cities must identify how and where their housing needs of each community will be met by completing what’s known as a Housing Element. The Housing Element is the blueprint for future housing development in the city. It contains background information assessing housing needs in your community and sets forth goals, policies and implementing programs to address community needs and directs residential decision-making. Under State law, Housing Elements are required to:

  1. Evaluate the City’s existing housing policies and programs.
  2. Conduct a housing needs assessment based on local housing conditions.
  3. Develop goals, objectives and policies defining the community’s position on housing issues and setting measurable targets for meeting housing needs.
  4. Develop an inventory of potential sites where housing may be constructed.
  5. Analyze any obstacles or constraints to housing production in the community.
  6. Create an action plan identifying implementing programs the city or other entities will implement to achieve our housing objectives. For questions about the Housing Element Update, please contact Libby Tyler at (510) 215-3036

SB 341 Annual Report:

SB 341 amended the California Health and Safety Code to address particular provisions and functions relating to former redevelopment agencies and new housing successor entities.  Each housing successor agency is required to post a report containing information regarding the agency's low and moderate income housing fund utilized for that year, as well as the agency's current affordable housing loan portfolio (parcels acquired) if applicable.

To view the City of San Pablo's current Housing Successor Fund SB 341 Annual Report, click the following link:

RPT FY2022 SB341 Report - Final